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Materials Compliance Series
Product Substance Management & Compliance 

Virtual Conference | September 22-23 2021

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Meet Some of our Previous Speakers

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Lara Carrier

Stefano Marzola

Günther Häufele 

Eléonore Mullier  

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Bruce Jarnot

Frank Schlüter

Antonio Conto 

Steven Andrews

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Aaron Green

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What people say

...It was really good to see that, even online, the organizers were able to facilitate the interaction between the participants, so I almost felt like we are there, we are all together there...

Tomáš Novotný

Owner and Customer Happiness Manager


About the Conference on Product Substance Regulatory & Compliance

Product Substance Regulatory Compliance is a highly interactive conference addressing the latest updates on substance compliance, EU green deal, circular economy, chemical compliance & EU chemicals strategy for sustainability.

Conference covers the topics on proposed, new, and enacted regulations and supporting documents on chemical substances in finished products: electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, packaging, toys, building products, indoor air quality, cosmetics, washing & cleaning products. It pays particular attention to regulatory measures on prohibited or restricted chemicals substances in finished products, high complex products articles, or mixtures offered to the consumers.

The documentation and evaluation of the intrinsic properties of substances are at the heart of the chemical inventories.

The conference covered the topics on:

• Automotive & OEMS
• Aerospace & Defence
• Electronics Home Appliances
• Electronics Semiconductors
• Heavy Machinery Manufacturers
• Cosmetics Industry
• Chemicals Importers
• Chemicals Distributors
• Construction Materials
• Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturers

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